Seaport Sweetheart Designs is honored to collaborate with Partners In PROMISE for a very special collection that recognizes the military family's determination and the strength and resiliency of our military children all around the world. 

      Protecting The Rights of Military Children in Special Education

      Partners in PROMISE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves as a representative voice for our Exceptional Military Family Members (EFMP). We are led by active-duty military spouses, with boots on the ground that give us insights into special education's complexity. The team comprises Special Education advocates, Special Education attorneys, former EFMP staff, educators, researchers, and journalists who help inform and educate our community. Most of our staff have personal experiences with special education, ranging from those at the beginning of their special needs journey to those of us who have been in the special needs community for over 19 years.

      50% of every item sold from this very special collection will be donated to Partners In PROMISE

      6 products

      6 products