Created in recognition of the dedication and sacrifices made by military spouses around the world. Every day,  military spouses lend their help to others within their spouse's command and their community, in addition to their responsibilities to their own family. Because the premise behind the collection is so special, the collection was collectively named after each of the 2019 AFI Military Spouse of the Year award recipients: 
 Katelyn Tinsley - 2019 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year

 Jessica Manfre - 2019 Armed Forces Insurance Coast Guard Spouse of the Year

 Samantha Gomolka - 2019 Armed Forces Insurance National Guard Spouse of the Year

 Maria Reed - 2019 Armed Forces Insurance Army Spouse of the Year

 Mrs. Michelle Norman - 2019 Armed Forces Insurance Navy Spouse of the Year

 Holly Vega - 2019 Armed Forces Insurance Marine Spouse of the Year and the 2019 Armed Forces Insurance  Military Spouse of the Year

We are very proud of these fellow military spouses and we take great pride in the original collection and all complimenting pieces.